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Company Profile

Company Profile

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We are

*Shandong Enhance New Material Co., LTD.

*Established in 2009, with former name Zibo Enhance Sealing Material Co., LTD.,

*Located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, China.

*In 2020, branch factory was built in Weifang City to meet our development demand.

We do

*Specialized in producing various kinds of environment-friendly sealant and adhesive, such as Auto sealant, Structural adhesive and Marine adhesive etc.

*We are ready to change formulations to make sure that there’s always a product that will solve your problems.

*From color, size and tack to package options, we’ll adapt our products to meet your project needs.

Choose us for

All our products comply with international quality standards, and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different market throughout the world. Thanks years of continuous improvement of our product development and manufacturing processes, we always meet customer and regulatory requirements. We adhere to the commitment to quality, and we value integrity and quality of work. We are committed to providing easy,time-saving and money-saving one-stop purchasing service to customer. No matter what kind of services you want, Shandong Enhance New Material Co., LTD. is here for you to meet solid and suitable sealing solutions, and will continue to be your trustworthy and reliable business partner.

Your reliable adhesive & sealant Expert.

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ADDRESS:Zibo City, Shandong Province.

WHATsApp:+86 13518630964

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